Shipping Policy

1) Which are the locations that you deliver to?

We deliver to over 2,500 cities in India covering 13,000+ pin codes.

2) How soon do you dispatch an order?

We stock mostproducts that we sell which enable us to ship your order within 2 - 3 working days of placing the order.

In some cases, it may take 7 – 10 working days depending on item availability. Some products which are unavailable that need production, may take longer to dispatch. We will intimate you in such cases.

3) When will my order get delivered?

We provide 7 – 10 working days delivery in over 500 cities in India.

4) How much do you charge for delivery?

1 Andhra Pradesh AP South Zone (India) India 99
2 Arunachal Pradesh AR North East Zone(India) India 199
3 Assam AS North East Zone(India) India 199
4 Bihar BR East Zone (India) India 199
5 Chhattisgarh CT Central Zone (India) India 199
6 Goa GA West Zone (India) India 199
7 Gujarat GJ West Zone (India) India 199
8 Haryana HR North Zone(India) India 199
321 Himachal Pradesh HP North Zone(India) India 199
322 Jammu and Kashmir JK North Zone(India) India 199
323 Jharkhand JH East Zone(India) India 199
324 Karnataka KA South Zone(India) India 99
325 Kerala KL South Zone(India) India 99
326 Madhya Pradesh MP Central Zone(India) India 199
327 Maharashtra MH West Zone(India) India 149
328 Manipur MN North Zone(India) India 199
330 Mizoram MZ North Zone(India) India 199
331 Nagaland NL North Zone(India) India 199
332 Orissa OR East Zone(India) India 199
333 Punjab PB North Zone(India) India 199
334 Rajasthan RJ West Zone(India) India 199
335 Sikkim SK North Zone(India) India 199
336 Tamil Nadu MN South Zone(India) India 69
337 Tripura TR North Zone(India) India 199
338 Uttaranchal UL North Zone(India) India 199
339 Uttar Pradesh UP North Zone(India) India 199
340 West Bengal WB East Zone(India) India 199
341 Andaman and NicobarIslands AN Islands India 199
342 Chandigarh CH North Zone(India) India 199
343 Dadra and Nagar Haveli DN West Zone(India) India 199
344 Daman and Diu UL West Zone(India) India 199
345 Delhi DL North Zone(India) India 149
338 Uttaranchal UL North Zone(India) India 199
346 Lakshadweep LD Islands India 199
347 Pondicherry PY South Zone(India) India 99
348 Telangana TG South Zone(India) India 99

5) How can I track my order?

You will be notified through a SMS once your order is shipped containing the courier tracking details.

6) Which courier do you use to deliver?

We used professional courier & French express courier to ship most orders.

7) What should I do if the carton is damaged or tampered at the time of taking the delivery?

We request you not to accept delivery of parcels where the carton is damaged, tampered or the brown-tape sealis open. Please take a photo of the parcel before refusing and email it to us on

8) How do I know if my order is confirmed?

You will receive an email and an SMS for all successful orders. In your Aammii My Account, successful Prepaid orders will be in "Processing", "Packed" or "Complete" status depending upon the exact status of the order. Unsuccessful orders will be either in "Pending" or "Cancelled" status. You can always contact our customersupportfor any queries relating to the status of your order.

9) My bank account is debited but order status on the AAMMII is showing as Pending?

This happens in case the connection between our website and the payment gateway is broken due to issues like the slow internet. In case your bank account is debited but order status on our website is showing as Pending, do not worry as we receive a confirmation for all successful payments from our payment gateway the next day. On receipt of such confirmation, your order status will be updated to "Processing" (i.e. Confirmed).

10) How do I place bulk orders?

You can send in your inquiries about bulk orders to

11) I don’t want the package to carry an invoice.

Invoices are mandatory to be put along with the parcel due to Government regulations.

12) Do you ship outside India?

We currently ship in India only. If you want delivery outside India, you can order from ourEmail: